Trial center
We has more than 10 units high-precision molding machines in house with a clamp force ranging from 40 to 420 tons. Because we made a variety industrial of different types of molded products, according to our current equipment configuration, which can not meet our guests needs, but please take it easy.
Our partner is the most professional mould testing enterprise , which has more then 7000 square meters and more than 40 units various precision injection molding machine, among the whole south part of China. Now our maximal machine is 3300 T with mult-assistance device, they can train not less than 100 sets of different specifications of the plastic mold every day.

Testing mould high-light service including:
GAS Assist Molding
High speed thin wall injection
Multi-Material/ colored Molding

current we can do trial on maximal 2k molding machine is 1000T.

Double shot molding machine type:
Rotary Horizontal Double Injection
L Shape
Vertical L
Horizontal L