Precision components manufacturing
Our tool shop also offers advanced manufacturing of tight tolerance machining in almost any material from stainless steel to aluminum alloys and plastic for use in a variety of businesses such as Mold and Die, Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Electronic and Semi-conductor companies:

cavity/core blocks
gate inserts
Machine Parts
spare parts manufacture
small and medium scale production runs (CNC Machining, Lathing, grinding, fettling, EDM, polishing, drilling)

We focus on quality.  We will discuss detailed with you according to your offer model data before manufacturing and implement inspection in the whole process. The inspector will checks all the items from clients' view and approve after 100% OK. Every project must go through dimensional, traceability, conformity certification.

Are you still hesitant to contact our experts to get free quotes and comprehensive technical support with the whole free production design (DFM) recommendations.