Quality mold building
We believe Injection molding's success begins with a high quality production tooling.

Our plant offers full turnkey of complete Custom mold building services to creative design, manufacture and running a new technologies mold produce solutions to your specifications, as well as we effort towards the dream of providing precision and accuracy parts on mold processing to ensure each tooling could enjoy the automatically operation and convenient maintenance at its customized area .

Our Capability includes:

• Rapid prototyping molds
• Single-cavity prototypes
• SPE Class 101 Multi-Cavity Production
• Multi-drop hot runner Mold tooling
• Insert / over molding
• Multi-component injection mould
• Coil & Bobbin mold tooling
• LED Lens/Lamp mold
• Micro
• DME or HASCO standards and more

• Multi-Shot/Multi-Material/ colored Mold
• Silicone Compression Tooling
• Thermoset mold
• Die Cast Tooling
• Blow Mold Tooling